Unique Bonobo astonishes the world

Published: 18 October 2016

It is known that Bonobo’s are incredibly intellectual, but one particular Bonobo has surprised the world with his abilities. Earlier this year media revealed that other species are living through the stone age. Some research revealed that a group of macaques in Thailand have been living in the stone age for the past 50 years, inspiring the world to contemplate over evolutionary changes taking place across the globe.

A bonobo named Kanzi made headlines as it was revealed he has mastered a number of skills, similar to that of early humans. Kanzi, the 35 year old bonobo who has lived in captivity and is a current resident at Ape Cognition and Conservation Initiative in Des Moines, Iowa, has been a subject for many researchers over years. His abilities include being able to start a fire, and even cook food using the fire. He also is able to understand 3,000 English words, making him capable of basic communication with humans.

Dr. Savage-Rumbaugh of ACCI stated: “Kanzi makes fire because he wants to. He used to watch the film Quest For Fire when he was very young which was about early man struggling to control fire. He watched it spellbound over and over hundreds of times.”

Such research of apes allow us to understand better how to protect apes through conservation efforts, and reveal to us that they may be much more intelligent than first established.

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