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Who we are

Project Ark Foundation was founded in 2017 by three Trustees, who inspired by the progress that has been made towards the environment and the animal world, wanted to create a new concept of charity to contribute to the cause.

Our Trustees are responsible for the Board Standing Policies and strategy of Project Ark Foundation. More information about our Board Standing Policies Manual are available in Board Standing Policies Manual section

Project Ark Foundation Purposes

We aim to protect and preserve endangered species in any part of the world, to promote biological diversity and to educate the public concerning the conservation of endangered species and their habitats.

Our goal is to educate the general public about the crucial importance of conservation of living creatures including mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and biological diversity of our planet.

We focus on working together with environmental experts, scientists and academics in Universities and other institutions to carry out researches, reports, lectures, meetings and conferences and other activities to enable us to spread knowledge and information about the need for action to protect and preserve endangered species and their needs.

Our vision is a world where people care of biological diversity and species and their habitats are no longer endangered.

How we operate

Project Ark Foundation aims to help save the most endangered species and their habitats for the preservation of biological diversity in any part of the world.

We carry out researches and publish educational articles and reports that are posted in our Knowledge section.

We engage with experts, academics, scientists and other expert sources and leading institutions in conservation around the world to identify and prioritise the need of action in relation to the most endangered species.

To add to the public’s knowledge of the protection of endangered species and wildlife habitats, we organise a range of tailored lectures, meetings, conferences and events. Please visit our Events section for further information.

Where our Trustees have identified species that they feel to be particularly vulnerable to extinction we help finance, by way of grants, projects coordinated by our charitable partners who we feel best support the preservation of those species. When selecting projects and/or educational programmes to sponsor we undertake comprehensive due diligence on those providers and the projects more generally to confirm that their objectives mirror our stated aims. We place a premium on ensuring that the projects and/or educational programmes that we support will have a positive and long lasting impact on the environment.

Our collaboration with our selected partner organisations is of great importance to us as we strive to form valuable relations, which strengthen worldwide efforts to fight for the cause.

Our cause is of crucial importance, and we want to spread our message as far as possible. We are committed to education and hope our work will change the outlook on the issue. By showing that if we choose to contribute collectively, we are certain that the future can be brighter for all.

We hope to inspire others to fight for our cause by sharing information, news and most importantly regular updates on where our funds are going and how they are helping endangered species across the planet. We are always on the lookout for like-minded individuals who want to join us and empower endangered species to defeat extinction.

Partner Charities

Project Ark Foundation is always on the lookout for new partner charities that share our values and care directly for endangered species and protect their habitats.

Our dedication to making a positive change means that we invest our own funds into the protection of endangered species and their habitats. In addition, our fundraising is channelled towards educating the public, which we believe to be of vital importance. We emphasize the reality of the cause we are fighting for and aim to increase our efforts progressively.

Through our partnership relations, we aim to contribute to real actions that are ongoing to protect endangered species. Through sharing this progress with the public, we wish to encourage interest in the cause we care about to grow.

For further information about how your charity can benefit from a partnership with us, please contact us via email.

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