Metropolitan Police seize Red Panda hides in Kathmandu

Published: 9 November 2016

In August this year, the Metropolitan Police Crime Division at Kathmandu seized 9 Red Panda skins from four people, this was the biggest seizure of endangered animal parts in Kathmandu. In the past four years, in Kathmandu, the Metropolitan Police have confiscated over 70 Red Panda skins. Sadly, evidence that despite law enforcement, illegal trade of Red Panda body parts still takes place in the region. The Police have announced that they are to crack down further on the illegal trade that is still taking place, they have released figures indicating that the such crimes are actually increasing rather than the contrary.

It is known that Red Panda body parts are often smuggled to China primarily, for their traditional medicinal properties. Evidence shows that clients are willing to pay extortionate sums of money to obtain a Red Panda hide, and so illegal traders are continuously motivated. The Metropolitan Police Crime Division is working hard to prevent further events from occurring in the future, though further help can be through donating to conservation teams who aim to reduce illegal trade of the Red Panda’s body parts.

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