Help protect the endangered African Wild Dog from Zimbabwe’s plans to sell them off

Published: 6 February 2017

Zimbabwe has revealed that plans have been put into place to remove the African Wild Dogs currently inhabiting its national parks. The decision was made after much turmoil has been experienced nationwide throughout a recent drought The decision to remove the dogs and sell them off has raised huge concern amongst conservationists who are working incredibly hard to protect the animal. . National parks currently serve as a protected area for the species and selling them off would have a detrimental impact on the African Wild Dog population, causing distress to the species and reducing the likelihood of successful breeding. Many of the remaining African Wild Dog’s across the country inhabit national parks in Zimbabwe.

Despite the species being listed as critically endangered, the African Wild Dog is not protected from sale and hunting under the Parks and Wildlife Act. Selling off the species from Zimbabwe’s parks has come as a hope to replenish the nation’s funds, that have been spent fighting the drought. A petition has been set up to urge Zimbabwe to reconsider the plan and to consider the devastating impact the decision would have on the African Wild Dog.

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